Friday, February 5, 2016

Cartoon Drawing Tricks

Cartoons are fun. Well nearly. You definitely love to look at cartoon figures if you are like me. But drawing cartoons is just another story particularly if you are unaware of the basic principles.

If the idea of making delightful cartoon characters gives you high, read on, here you will discover some hints you could readily use to improve your skills and reduce the time taken to make amazing cartoon characters.

There are certain things which are same for every style of drawing, be it naturalistic drawing or cartoony, now we shall go fast through the basics before getting particular to cartoony fashion.

1. Select your tools wisely. Clean your hands before beginning your drawing. Your first sketch must be made with light lines and for finalizing you should use deep- coloured and notable lines --so choose your pencils attentively.

2. Many times beginners locate drawing a smooth line hard. Recall drawing easy lines will likely be simpler if you do not support your hand in your wrist like while writing, we're utilized to do. Doodling and drawing on some circular shapes just before you begin will also enable you to draw smoothly.

3. Learn how to draw hand and facial features attentively. Hands are less easy. Specialists frequently judge an individual 's drawing ability from how well he is able to draw human hands. Practice drawing hands.

4. Study of human body about proportions and essential forms. Understand fundamentals of assorted ratios and human anatomy of human bodies.

As a cartoon editor you will have particular liberties, you may not need to bind yourself with body proportions rules that are strict. You are able to draw four fingered (Thumb Three) hand which makes your work somewhat simpler.

But one challenge you will face definitely you must create this expressiveness with some lines drawn along with your pencil and while drawing cartoons, cartoon characters has to be more expressive.

1. Eyelids (wide open, half closed, almost totally shut etc.),

2. Eyebrows (lifted, normal, crooked etc.) and

3. Lips (forming down bow, upward bow etc.).

Apart from these you also can use, hair (properly combed or ruffled), garments (well kept or split) to create characters that tells a story.

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